Above The Static

Raising you above the industry static

Specializing in the implementation and management of online media, with a primary focus on its application for those operating around the music business, Above The Static aims to raise you above the online static of your industry.

In the coming weeks and months, we will establish a comprehensive online presence that exemplifies the best practice use of online media tools. From the social media networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc) to self-publishing platforms (blogs, websites, e-mail marketing etc) and beyond, our objective is to assist you in selecting and developing your own use of the many tools available.

The end result will be an unrivaled online identity in your chosen industry, efficiently linking together all platforms, driving increased traffic to your chosen web resources and opening up new routes to reach your audience.

Keep an eye on this blog for ongoing updates and free advice articles on the best methods for extracting value from your web presence. Together we can make online media simple, fun, and, most importantly, extremely productive for your business!

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