Notes From Digital Music NY

On Tuesday night, a Fortex Group-organized gathering gave a chance for those of us with interests at the intersection of music and online media marketing to meet, discuss the latest trends in our various worlds, and, yes, snag some happy hour booze.

Some insights were also provided into the developments at the Midem 2010 conference in Cannes, France, by Eric de Fontenay of Music Dish. Here we run down some of the more salient points, with links for further exploration where useful:


  • MusicDNA, a new type of format for music delivery that we’ve tweeted about in recent weeks, was a hot topic and could be seen as a new way to engage fans via increased digital  content in music.
  • MXP4 is another initiative aimed at delivering more interactive musical experiences.
  • Music Dish China highlighted the potential of the music market in the Far East and the unique music coming from the country. Challenging the Western domination of music mind sets, Eric offered this Music Dish service as a window into the world of artists many of us would not find through normal channels.
  • Although the overall conference attendance was down again, around 1/3 of those displaying were new registrants, indicating perhaps a ‘changing of the guard’ from the traditional organizations to newer entrepreneurs in the industry.
  • Mention was again made about Myspace and SoundExchange seeking to pay out ‘lost’ royalties to musicians, as previously reported in January.
  • There was also a note that the more major players in the music industry are, far from popular opinion, still very much alive and seeking to find better ways to work in the digital arena. As such, short-sighted attempts to monetize other areas of an artist’s revenue, such as 360 degree deals, seem to be dying out.


The general consensus was that Midem 2010 had a more optimistic  feel than past conferences, with hope in some of the newer developments to begin lifting some of the gloom that has surrounded the music industry following a decade in decline and the recent economic downturn.

Thanks to Ephraim Cohen at Fortex Group and Eric for what we hope will be the first of many such events. Thanks also to those that we spoke to during the night. Some very exciting work is being done by very talented individuals and we look forward to seeing it unfold.


If you attended and noted something overlooked here, please do add anything you feel valuable to the comments. Thanks!


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