Broadcast Yourself….Live On Facebook? More on UStream.TV

Recently we looked at the options available to musicians in broadcasting their live performances using online video services. One of these platforms was UStream.TV.

Wakey! Wakey! Plays

Wakey! Wakey!'s Mike Grubbs streamed live to an interactive Facebook audience

Yesterday night the possibilities for music makers using this service combined with the extraordinary social networking reach of Facebook, as Brooklyn artist Wakey! Wakey! utilized them both to play to a wide and engaged audience.

The event represented a strong argument for tying in the various arms of social and traditional media, as the set was timed specifically to begin as TV series One Tree Hill – in which band frontman Mike Grubbs appears and his music is featured – ended. The message was spread around both Facebook and Twitter, as well as the official artist and label sites, creating a strong call to action for anyone interested in either the show or the music to tune in.

Once logged in, Facebook users joined the party on a custom tab inserted directly into the artist’s fan page. UStream offers this service to artists upon application, with the whole thing offering a clean and effective way for fans to watch the set on the left, comment/discuss with other fans on the right, and, of course, purchase merchandise via a banner handily placed below all this activity. It also boosts the buzz on the artist’s page by having the audience become a fan and RSVP to the ‘event’, increasing the viral potential for the message to spread to other Facebook users ahead of time.

Such integrated promotion of an online media event goes to the core of what we at Above The Static believe to be the unlimited potential for musicians to spread their creativity to a global audience. Building a diverse and engaged fan base is right at the finger tips of the artist willing to explore these avenues, an exploration that we continue to make alongside those with whom we work on a daily basis.


Have you used other services or social networks to broadcast live to your fans? How did you promote the occasion and what results did you see?

What are your thoughts on spreading your creative work via live streaming services?


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