Online Presence & Social Media Resources: Dive In!


Taking the plunge into the ocean of online media tools and social media sites can be daunting, to say the least. Help is at hand, however!

Above The Static will be building to one of the most comprehensive online resources for finding the sites you need, a one-stop shop to sort the wheat from the chaff, subject to your specific requirements. Whether you simply need to automate some tweets on Twitter or build a completely new website, we will be there to recommend appropriate resources and their relative merits to comparable services.

With so many sites out there, this will take some time to build, but keep your eyes peeled here for developments and, please, send us suggestions on the types of site you as a creative individual or small business want to see road tested.


Do you have a particular site that you’ve been meaning to try?

Or have you been using a certain platform that you simply couldn’t live without?

Let us know in the comments!


Photo by Adriano Campioni


One Response to Online Presence & Social Media Resources: Dive In!

  1. zidered says:

    As a music blog writer it would be great to know more about mp3 upload services like SoundCloud and how/if they work togeter with blog aggregators like Hype Machine and elbows. Thanks.

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