With Fireworks Everywhere, Are You Focused On Your Main Event?

NYC Fireworks

Happy Independence Day – well, weekend, but happy holiday nonetheless!

As I watched the Macy’s firework display from the roof of my apartment block yesterday evening, the panoramic view of New York City offered a number of other displays – from tiny individual parties to other major events – on which to focus. Despite the grandeur of the main event, many of those gathered would switch their focus from one to another, subject to the most recent bang, pop, or swirl of color.

Often, our work on social media takes on these traits of noise and frequent distractions.

Even assuming we have a main event – i.e. our end goals/conversions and strategy to achieve them – our focus can be easily switched to another activity due to the sheer volume of communication and activity on offer. A planned Facebook post can shift to a dialogue with friends, a tweet with business ends can lapse into meandering conversations that don’t move us towards our objectives, or YouTube research can degenerate into endless recommendations of amusing cats falling off tall objects….I won’t link to such a  video, for fear of becoming the very thing this post seeks to guard against….

Though social media centers on spontaneous conversation and engagement, when it’s being used for business purposes it’s always worth keeping a conscious eye on whether our activity is moving us closer to our end objectives. A defined strategy as to how our web presence will be developed, which social platforms will be utilized, and how they feed into the end goals is required to keep this focus. It acts as a guiding light at the back of our minds, which flickers and dims as we take our eyes off the main event.

So, of course and by all means, enjoy the various fireworks thrown up by your social media every day. Just remember what you came there for in the first place and that every distracted glance you take towards a minor pop detracts from your focus on the glorious booms of your main event!


How focused are you on your social media strategies and how you move towards them?

What’s your ‘main event’?


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